Here we go.

Yo yo yiggity yo.

2019 has been a weird year. I turned 30 last December and then… I broke up with my loser boyfriend, quit my job of almost 5 years, moved out of my beautiful rent controlled apartment in West Hollywood and moved to San Diego. Since then I’ve traveled to Europe, went to Hawaii, started a new job, quit said job, went back to Hawaii, started another new job, quit that job, traveled back to Hawaii and here we are now! Super lost and broke… guess it’s time to start a blog.

I’d always wanted to start some sort of blog but was afraid that I didn’t have enough to say or that people wouldn’t be interested in my opinions or thoughts. During this strange transition year I’ve adapted more of an “ef it” mentality. Who cares? I’m going to do this for me. And I think I’m pretty groovy.

Follow along for my adventures, crazy stories, random DIY attempts, creative nonsense and more!

And please be kind.

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