Anotha Winter Solstice Mood

I hosted a little “Favorite Things” party (highly recommend) with my girlfriends last night and we ended up diving into an astrology book about our birthdays and it was spot on! We also whipped out some “Friends” themed tarot cards and examined our past, present and future. I’m starting to think about my resolutions for 2023. With all that said, I recognize that milestones and days hold meaning, if you allow them. Today is the winter solstice. According to Google, it’s a perfect time to set intentions for the seasons ahead.

I’m just beyond ecstatic the days will get longer from here on out. Someone at my book club last week told me that the next time we turn the clocks forward they’ll never change again. Ever. Is that true? If so, hell freaking ya. 

Christmas is this Sunday and it’s going to be almost 80 degrees so I really can’t complain about “winter”. 

3 things I’m grateful for during this time of year: 

  1. Getting to wear cute coats and boots 
  2. Seasonal holiday drinks at Starbucks
  3. Cozy time with family and friends 

I did a winter solstice mood board two years ago on the blog. I just read it and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I have a lot of updates to share now that treatment is officially over, and I promise I will soon, in a separate post.

I encourage you write down a winter gratitude list and start thinking about what you’ll want to accomplish in 2023. I have big plans and will share a little on that in January.

Happy Holidays ya’ll. -K

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.

Malibu Rising

I go back and forth on giving Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid 4 stars or 5. It gave me all the feels but I’m pretty picky when giving a book a perfect score so I’d say it’s about a 4.25. It was, however, a perfect summer read. I especially enjoyed it because it was nostalgic for me with Malibu, the surf culture, and bit of LA celebrity life.

I loved escaping to the Bu when I lived in LA. But I didn’t love the traffic from the one road in and out. I texted my bestie while I read, “should we move to Malibu and get houses next to each other on the beach” as if I have that kind of money lolz. Malibu beach houses remind me of that scene when Lauren didn’t go to Paris. Millennials, you know what I mean.

I actually went to a house party on Point Dume once. It was nothing like the party in the book but it brought me back. It’s still an exclusive neighborhood with a key to access the stairs to the beach. My friend saw Bob Dylan at the Pavilions.

I read many reviews of this book and most of them said the first part of the book is better than the second and I agree. The flashbacks draw you in with June and Mick’s story. But I also love the relationship between the 4 Riva siblings in “present day”. It made me want a big family. It also made me wish I learned how to surf when I was a kid.

The story is equally beautiful and heartbreaking. As soon as I finished I immediately went to google and was relieved to see they’re making it into a show to be released on Hulu. I can’t wait.

I found this cute playlist on Spotify that I put on while reading the second half of this book.

Loving Taylor Jenkins Reid. Her books are so easy to read. Next up is The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

What are you currently reading?

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.

Go Planet, it’s Your Earth Day

I’m a big fan of Mother Earth. I love to explore her and stand in awe of her beauty. But dang, we are so mean to her.

I saw an instagram post today about how Earth Day when we were kids was about turning the water off when we brushed our teeth and cutting the soda rings so it wouldn’t hurt turtles. Luckily I grew up in the PNW where they preached the importance of recycling, going green and sustainability it wasn’t an effort it was just part of our daily lives. But we still have to do more than occasional beach clean ups and switching to reusable straws.

Here are some ways we can help that may seem small but make a big difference:

  • Recycle – not just using the recycle bin but also reusable bags, reusable water bottles, cloth napkins instead of paper towels…
  • Encourage more energy efficiency in the workplace – I’m so proud of the company that I work for in their efforts to be more eco conscious. I see so many brands doing so as well. It gives me hope that this isn’t just importat to individuals and consumers, but on a larger level too. We have to hold major corporations accountable.
  • Carpool or bike which also good for working on your fitness – two birds one stone
  • Eco friendly cleaning materials – oh hay Chrissy Tiegan’s new line with the mother of dragons
  • Mindful shopping – Less Shein, more Poshmark
  • Plant something

What are some other ways we can be more green? I’d love to hear about what you’re doing to save the earth.

We need to restore the heart of Te Fiti. 😝

Be kind to our planet, damn it.

Fore more info and resources, visit

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.


Preface: I’m being dramatic.

Not entirely sure I enjoy things still. I’m cranky cuz I haven’t been sleeping well so I’d take what I say with a grain of salt. Mmm salt. Now I want potato chips. Ok I take it back. I enjoy chips.

I also enjoy making these mood boards. I’ve become a bit obsessed. I actually created this along with the Winter Solstice and New Years boards in the same weekend. I get that way. Once I like something I repeat it over and over. I always order the same thing at restaurants. I guess I just know what I like and stick to it.

Feeling down in the dumps is totally normal. We all have gloomy days. Sometimes I just want to curl in my blankets and hide. It’s okay to not be okay.

There were times in the past year where I was so ill I didn’t recognize how low I was. Now that I’m feeling better it’s easier to pinpoint. I have to take steroids 5 days a month on my maintenance protocol which totally sucks. I HATE the way it makes me feel. I get irritable, gnarly heartburn, insomnia, extreme hunger, body aches, sore legs, insane hot flashes, indigestion, jitters, anxiety, a swollen face and just over all discomfort and feeling unwell. Yesterday was day 5 of my monthly steriods but it still takes a few days to leave my body so I’m not feeling too hot today. Plus, the weather has been super gray this week which always takes a toll on my mood.

A unique side effect from my cancer treatment has been anxiety. What a crazy unwelcomed beast. More on that later, maybe.

I’ve never been good at meditation or yoga but I hear those are good practices for days like this. I jotted down a list of things that might help when you’re feeling blue:

  • Read a book
  • Listen to a podcast – (a friend requested the podcast “Your Own Backyard” that I binged a while back and they finally made an arrest THIS WEEK relating to the murder the podcast is about. Highly reccommend if you enjoy true crime)
  • Journal
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Reach out to a friend
  • Exercise
  • Go outside
  • Do something creative (like this mood board)
  • Create a playlist
  • Pet a pup
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Shop online – (lol retail therapy helps me every time)
  • Get a “happy” lamp if you live in a place that has little sunlight in the winter. I’m well aware of SAD, seasonal affective disorder, after living in Seattle for 18 years and we all need as much “sunlight” as we can get.

What are ways you cope with feeling a little blue?

Hope ya’ll are having a better week than I am.

k bye

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.


When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year…

I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago but now I’m reporting from the ER with an ANC of 0.2 and a fever waiting to be admitted to the hospital. As if I thought anything else would happen on the last day of this crap year. But I’ll be darned if I couldn’t post this NYE mood board.

As much as I’m ready to say deuces to 2020, it was still an entire year. One I’d like to forget, most of. But I thought I should honor it by making a list of things that I was actually keen on. There were some. Not many. But some.

  • I still enjoy my job. I’m actually changing departments this week and I’m super excited to learn a new position but get to keep working with my team, whom I love. It’s been a blessing to be a part of a company that prides itself on customer service, quality and employees wellbeing. I’ve never been more appreciated and supported in a job before. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by positivity, creative collaboration and innovative ideas. I’m just relieved my cancer hasn’t kept me being able to do my job. It helps me feel a little more normal.
  • My parents moved to the mainland to help take care of me. I don’t know what I’d do without them. It’s weird to be living with my parents in my 30s since I moved out at 18 and have always been super independent, but c’est la vie. They have been lifesavers. They help me with meals, meds and take me to all my appointments but they are also just wonderful to be around, which is good for my mental health. This year could have been even more lonely. It sucks that they don’t get to enjoy their new city because we’re stuck in a bubble. But it is so nice having them here with me.
  • Coco Puff – that’s a given. Puppy snuggles make everything better.
  • Social Distant / Long Distant Love. I feel oh so loved. From videos compiled by sweet friends expressing support to front yard hangs to well wishes cards in the mail. I have such a strong support system, which I’ve discovered to be crucial when fighting for my life.
  • My body is responding well to treatment. It’s been a rough ride, but ultimately the chemo is working. Just pray the cancer stays away as I move on to the maintenance phase and beyond. (Lol again I wrote this a couple weeks ago).

Oh how I wish I was putting on a sparkly dress, popping champane and ringing in the new year with friends. I’d even embrace the insane Uber surges, disappointing midnight kiss, and inevitable bathroom floor hangover that often accompanies the holiday.

2021 will be better. I’m manifesting it. My cancer will be gone. My treatment will be minimal. Covid vaccines will start working. We will be able to take off our masks. I will be able to be around people again. People will start getting their jobs back. The economy will turn around. Kindness will be cool. Joy will return. I’d be down to keep up the cozy WFH wardrobe though.

Good riddance 2020. See ya never. Happy New Year!

Cheers y’all.

* Most images in the collage were found on Pinterest. Some are mine.


We don’t really have seasons in Southern California but it gets dark awfully early these days. I’m excited for the Winter Solstice because that means the sun will start going down later from now on. It is a little chilly too (lol 60s) so I’m digging the cozy mood.

I wouldn’t mind some actual winter. This is the first Christmas I won’t be spending in Hawaii in a loooong time. Since I won’t have a tropical holiday I’m now craving snowy vibes. I thought maybe we could drive up to Big Bear or Idyllwild and rent a cabin but I googled it and apparently, there’s no snow yet. Plus I have to be in the clinic basically every day for the next two weeks getting chemo so I guess I’m staying put. Maybe later in the season, I’ll go seek a winter wonderland. Idk how my numb feet would handle snow anyway.

I whipped up this “winter” inspired mood board with the energy support of a white chocolate mocha – my current obsession (thanks steroids) since I’m still not sleeping much (again, thanks steroids). Speaking of, my Secret Santa at work sent me some white chocolate truffles and I have to pace myself. I’d like to eat them all in one sitting. One family tradition we’re missing this year is a large batch of pizzelles. My mum forgot the pizzelle maker in Hawaii (ugh). If anyone wants to send some my way I wouldn’t object. I’m usually not much of a sweets person but cancer has changed that. These days I’m a hangry sugar-craving monster.

Christmas looks a little different this year. I hope you get to spend it with loved ones (safely) and can still participate in some of your traditions. Mine are garlic shrimp for brunch, a day at the beach and a ride on the Sugar Cane Train. Guess we’ll have to raincheck on the latter two.

We plan to watch Elf on Christmas Eve. It’s our family’s favorite holiday movie. It won’t be the same without my nephew, who knows every word and is the funniest person I know. Maybe we’ll FaceTime that cotton-headed ninny-muggins so he can watch with us.

My world is v small at the moment and my creative outlets are limited due to mobility issues and crazy numb fingers so putting together this mood board was a mini pick-me-up on the (almost – I know it’s tomorrow but I’m impatient) shortest day of the year. Yay for getting a smidgen more daylight from here on out.

Happy Winter Solstice Ya’ll

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.

Flower Power Reminder

Right now my face is still puffy and large from the prednisone and my hair is falling out and growing in at the same time so it’s patchy and weird. Needless to say, I’m not looking like myself. I almost get startled every time I look in a mirror.

I’ve been going through photos to print for a gallery wall in my new place and can’t help but feel sad about my hair. I know it’s just hair and it’ll grow back but it was such a part of my identity.

I stumbled on this French Proverb on Pinterest: “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace”. Life has planted me here, with cancer, isolated from the world because there’s a dangerous pandemic happening and I must bloom with grace. I have to remind myself it’s all temporary. I know that I’ll be a stronger person after going through this, but it’s just hard to see the end in sight. I guess I just have to take it one day at a time.

No rain, no flowers.

I love to wear flowers in my ear and found a bunch of photos to remind myself of my essence. I’m ready to rock the bald and puffy look with the same confidence as when I have mermaid hair and a giant flower in my ear.

Just needed a little flower power reminder in this downpour.

*Just realized I added an extra O in bloom in my image. Guess I’m bloooooooming with grace. 🤣