Inspiring Strangers

I had the sweetest conversation with a nurse as she changed the dressing on my PICC line.

She said that last week she had a newly diagnosed patient in for his first chemotherapy and he was terrified. He asked her how he’s going to live and be himself and she immediately thought of me. She’s like I know patients who don’t let cancer define them. She told him one of her patients (me) lets them know when she doesn’t feel well and if she’s nauseous she tells them I tried this and that and it didn’t work so lets try something else until I feel better. And he was like how am I going to work? And she’s like well this patient is a rockstar and she’s still working. Plus she never is grumpy or angry even on her worst days. I was like its a decision you make. You’re steering the ship. Then she goes “so you are an inspiration to people you don’t even know”.

That made my day.

I am still working. The other day I threw up between zoom calls. I just make it werk (sassy snap snap snap).

my wfh buddy – pretzel legs

This last chemo round was rough. LOTS of vomiting and nausea and horrible mouth sores and thrush. I had a sore in my throat that made it hard to even drink water. At one point I had to take a pain pill and chug as much water as I could while it didn’t feel like daggers of glass in my throat. I ate weird baby food and lost more weight. The fellow at my doctor asked me what was worse, nausea or mouth sores and I was like idk bruh it all sucks. I also had a hard lumbar puncture that left my back sore for weeks and a horrid headache for days. One day I went in for labs around noon. I sat in the waiting room an hour and a half after my appointment. My labs came back saying I needed a blood transfusion which takes 4 hours. My 3pm appointment came and went and they didn’t get me in to the clinic until 6pm. I was the last one there and finished close to 10pm. And of course I forgot my headphones. It was the longest day of my life.

a funny card a friend sent – preach

I am starting my LAST ROUND OF CHEMO next week! I should be done by February. Then I’ll be on maintenance (chemo pills and a few lumbar punctures) for two years. But I’m just excited we’re nearing the end of the intense treatment phase. This next round looks gnarly with strong drugs so keep up the prayers and positive vibes because I need it.

more puppy spam cuz she’s so darn cute

My wig arrived this week so I’ll do another post soon with my new do.

Tata for now!

Quarantine Memories: Salvation Mountain

Sitting here getting chemo thinking about all the places I’d rather be.

Y’all already know it’s killing me to not be able to go on adventures. I’m making a list of places I want to go as soon as I get the ok from the doctor. Hurry up covid vaccine. Until then – everyone wear your masks. Please and thank you.

We went on this trip a couple years ago but I still feel like it’s worth sharing.

There’s this trippy painted mountain in the middle of the desert past Palm Springs. We decided to go during summer and it was well over 100 degrees. That meant we had the mountain almost to ourselves but we couldn’t last long in the heat. We were there long enough to snap some epic photos though. Take a look:

Salvation Mountain
On the mountain
In the mountain
Trying to survive the desert heat

After we hopped back into the air conditioned car we drove to the nearby neighborhood called “East Jesus” which was another strange sight. The only photos I took here have my ex boyfriend in them unfortunately except this one:

But it doesn’t do it justice so go look it up. We felt like we were in a weird Tim Burton movie and kind of like we might get murdered. So we skedaddled out of there pretty quickly and camped Joshua Tree. I’ll share some J Tree memories sometime soon.


Cancer is Kicking My Okole

But I have this shirt so… booyah!

Mahalos Nat & Court. I’m so lucky to have you in my corner and F R I E N D S for life.

It’s been a while and I know a lot of you have been anxious to hear how I’ve been doing. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster.

Back in July I got pancreatitis from one of my chemo drugs and ended up in the hospital. What I thought was just going to be a couple days in the hospital turned into an entire month. The worst month of my life to be exact. My body just kept getting worse and worse. Along with the painful pancreatitis I got sepsis, c diff colitis, a lung infection, and a blood clot in my lungs. I spent a few days in the ICU which is all kind of a blur in my memory except for the night that I almost died. I still don’t know what happened but I remember a million people in my room trying to save me. I remember asking a stranger if I could hold her hand and then thinking I should call my parents to tell them that I love them. But I survived. Thank God. I still get chills when I think of that night.

The rest of my hospital stay was horrible. I was in a ton of pain and didn’t get a lot of sleep and it felt like every day I was getting news that my body had a new ailment. I also didn’t eat for a month.. I was fed through an IV. I had to train my body how to eat again which was awful and strange.

I was hooked up to a million things

But I finally got out and am doing much better. I had quite a long break from chemo since they were letting my body heal. I’ve been out for over a month and I still can’t really walk well. I use a walker when I’m in the clinic. I’ve been working with a physical therapist and I’ve been getting stronger but am nowhere close to where I was before my hospital stay.

This round of chemo is considered the “easy” round yet my body has not been responding well. I was super nauseous for a few weeks and could not hold down any food or pills. Then I developed a monster on my lip. My entire lip was a blister for two weeks. They held off on my chemo last week to let me heal. So I’m currently feeling good but know that I have more coming my way in a few days. It’s like the calm before the storm.

I haven’t posted in a while because I literally have nothing to share. I’ve been living in a bubble. I stay downstairs in my little apartment because I can’t climb stairs and the only place outside of my house I go is to the clinic. I watch a lot of Netflix and work from bed. So there’s not really much to report. Occasionally I have friends visit in the front yard but it’s been so hot out it’s been hard. I recently went through some old photos and it makes me so sad that I can’t travel or go on adventures but then I have to remind myself that I’ve been so lucky to have had so many incredible experiences. This is all temporary and I will adventure again.

I watched a virtual gender reveal last weekend. So many of my friends are having babies. I am excited to be an auntie again and again but it makes me sad that I don’t get to celebrate in person. I also have been watching love stories on tv (mainly One Tree Hill lol) that make me want that special bond with someone and all I can do is wait until I’m better and covid’s under control before I can even put myself out there. What an exercise in patience. There was a cute nurse at the clinic a while back.. so maybe there’s hope after all. 😉

One of my girlfriends sent me fancy nail polish. It’s crystal-infused and the top coat has tiny amethysts in it. It’s called Healing Energy and I need alllll the healing energy vibes I can get.

Tanks Pauline 🙂

This nugget keeps me company (when I have food) and she falls for the “fake donut” every time.

dat face doe

Ta ta for now…

-xoxo Gossip Troll

I Barfed in a Garbage Can…

Fighting cancer this week has had its ups and downs.

I am on day 9 of round two of chemo. And it’s a lot of work. Right now I’m going in 4 days a week to get chemo, labs twice a week and a lumbar puncture once a week with doctor’s appointments in between. My chemo includes a pill twice a day, a shot in my tummy when I’m in the clinic and sometimes an IV, and an injection in my spine during my LP.

so many pills 🤪

The first week I was feeling ok from the treatments but towards the weekend I started to slow down. Nothing major just some fatigue. Then yesterday I was getting my normal belly shot and my labs came back saying I needed a blood transfusion. They gave me some blood and I decided I’m going to get those Halloween vampire teeth to wear next time. But towards the end of my transfusion, I started to feel weird and just figured I was starving since I’d been in the clinic all morning and it was lunchtime. So I rushed to the cafe to get a bite before my LP. Hunger was not the feeling because I could barely take a few bites. So I headed to the waiting room for my LP. I felt horrible and just wanted to go home. All of the sudden I knew I was going to get sick. This was a new waiting room and I couldn’t find a bathroom in time so I barfed in a garbage can. I apologized to some lady and she was very sweet. Bless her heart. Last time I barfed in a garbage can was at Fiesta Del Sol last year when I drank 1 million wines and then went on 3 sketchy spinning rides in a row. My how things have changed.

Then I had an LP. It was successful but took longer than normal because the fluid wasn’t flowing quickly like it normally does and we all know it’s not my favorite procedure. The lady that does it is very sweet and the nurses gave me cold rags to help with the nervous sweating. They gave me some Zofran to help with the nausea and then I felt better but I was beyond ready to go home. It was a long day. I had a sweet care package to come home to. Y’all keep sending me candy and I have no self-control so all that weight I lost in the hospital will be back in no time lol.

My physical therapist said she was expecting me to be worse off this week since I started such a rigorous chemo regime but was surprised with my progress.

My balance is much better and I’m managing stairs and walking longer distances. I’m on a new heart medication so that helps. But the other day my Apple TV wasn’t working so I wanted to unplug it and I couldn’t reach the plug and it was so frustrating. I finally reached it after struggling for a while and then was basically stuck in a corner on the floor. Something so simple was extremely exhausting and almost impossible and that’s something I’ll have to get used to. I wanted to cry. I’ve been fairly strong through all this just taking it as it comes but some days I just can’t believe how much my life and body has changed in a matter of months.

My hands are still numb and annoying and now my feet are too. I hate wearing socks but my feet are so sensitive to hot and cold that I have to wear socks now. My hedgehog hair is still falling out. I wish it would all just fall out already. My face is slowly getting slimmer… not as fast as I’d like but whatever my face mask covers it anyway.

I have to take a break from watching 90 Day Fiance because who knew there were all these spin-offs that suck you in?! I am deep in the rabbit hole but these crazies are stressing me out so I can’t do anymore. So any new TV suggestions would be appreciated. 🙂 Mahalos


Quarantine Memories: Mt Rainier

I’m gonna switch it up and not write about cancer in this post because after all this blog is called Trips and Salsa. Here’s one of the trips I went on last year:

I was in Seattle for a dear friend’s wedding and decided to stay in town a few extra days to see family and friends. I also wanted to take a trip up to Mt Rainier since I couldn’t even remember the last time I was there, if ever.

I grew up in Seattle with a gorgeous view of all of downtown and both Mt Baker and Mt Rainier, so I saw it every day but moved away at 18 and I miss those gorgeous giants.

My friends Caroline and Jess were up for the adventure too! So off we went…

First stop was Grove of the Patriarchs. I wanted to see this bridge.

We you can only cross one person at a time.

It wasn’t much of a hike (1 mile) which was nice but was GORGEOUS and not like any hikes I could go on in Southern California.

Then we made our way through the park to Reflection Lake. What a beaut.

Then we made our way to the National Park Visitor Center where we watched a movie about the park and ate lunch. How could we not get Rainier Beers to drink on Mt Rainier?!

Then we hiked to Myrtle Falls. It was another easy stroll but a lovey trail. I felt like Julie Andrews because the hills were alive with the Sound of Music.

It was a fun day with two great friends. Glad I extended my trip to trek up the mountain I used to stare at daily. ❤

Flower Power Reminder

Right now my face is still puffy and large from the prednisone and my hair is falling out and growing in at the same time so it’s patchy and weird. Needless to say, I’m not looking like myself. I almost get startled every time I look in a mirror.

I’ve been going through photos to print for a gallery wall in my new place and can’t help but feel sad about my hair. I know it’s just hair and it’ll grow back but it was such a part of my identity.

I stumbled on this French Proverb on Pinterest: “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace”. Life has planted me here, with cancer, isolated from the world because there’s a dangerous pandemic happening and I must bloom with grace. I have to remind myself it’s all temporary. I know that I’ll be a stronger person after going through this, but it’s just hard to see the end in sight. I guess I just have to take it one day at a time.

No rain, no flowers.

I love to wear flowers in my ear and found a bunch of photos to remind myself of my essence. I’m ready to rock the bald and puffy look with the same confidence as when I have mermaid hair and a giant flower in my ear.

Just needed a little flower power reminder in this downpour.

*Just realized I added an extra O in bloom in my image. Guess I’m bloooooooming with grace. 🤣

Fighting Cancer is like a Full-Time Job

and I already have a full-time job. I’m exhausted. Luckily I can do both jobs simultaneously. I’ve learned that a lot of my appointments are mainly just waiting around so I now bring my laptop to get work done in the waiting room or during transfusions.

I’m out of the hospital! And boy is it hard work. Between scheduling appointments and visits with my oncologist, the physical therapist, the cardiologist, labs in the clinic, transfusions and procedures and I haven’t even started chemo yet! Just talking about it makes me tired.

My last day in the hospital was traumatizing. I didn’t sleep at all the night before. I needed a bone marrow biopsy and a lumbar puncture. The bone marrow biopsy was taking longer than I expected and they kept hitting a nerve that would send a shooting firework-like pain down my calves. They finally brought in another nurse practitioner to finish the job on the 3rd try. Luckily she was successful but I’m pretty sure I was shaking by this point because I couldn’t see what they were doing and it just sounded like they were using swords on my back. Between the sounds and the shooting pains, I was beyond freaked out. Then I had a 5 min break to calm down and then they had to do the lumbar puncture. I’d had two already that were a breeze but for some reason, they were having difficulty with this one. They tried several times and just couldn’t get it. Plus they hit the same nerves that sent more shooting pains to my calves. I cried a lot and they called it and were unsuccessful. It was the worst 2 hours ever. I was worried they’d keep me in the hospital another night but they still released me that day. Which might have been a bad idea.

They also cut me cold turkey from the prednisone that day. 29 days on an extremely high dose and then just stopping is insane. Usually they taper you off but they didn’t with me. The doctor warned me that I’d feel pretty bad for a couple days but he described it as a hangover. This, sir, was no hangover. It was MISERABLE. The sharp shooting pains returned to my knees in the middle of the night and my pain killers didn’t work. So they prescribed me something stronger that made me feel super confused and weird and paranoid. Everything was so uncomfortable. I was very irritable and still couldn’t sleep. I think I went 3 days without sleeping. I’d cry in the middle of the night because I was so uncomfortable and angry and sad. I felt like I should have still been in the hospital. My legs and body were so weak I could barely walk. The best way to describe it is extreme discomfort inside and out. My blankets felt too heavy. Nothing could comfort me. I never want to feel that way again.

Luckily after a few days I started feeling better. The prednisone was leaving the body. And I finally slept! It was a miracle.

I returned Monday to finish the failed lumbar puncture but this time they used an x-ray machine to determine the exact spot to go in and weird enough they had been in the right spot when they tried before so we’re not really sure why they were unsuccessful. I was just relieved to get it over with finally. I have another one next week fml.

I’m all moved in to my new house. It’s a mess right now. My bed and TV are set up but the rest is just a bunch of boxes. I need to get it furnished but that’s hard work when you’re exhausted.

I came home to a bunch of cards and care packages. Thank you everyone for all the love. It’s really overwhelming (in a good way).

My face is still very large and in charge from the prednisone. I’m still waiting for it to die down. My hair has started to fall out but not much of it. I still have a fuzzy head. My hands are very numb now and actually hurt most days. They’re super sensitive to hot and cold and the clinic is always freezing. Today I wore Ugg boots in June. That’s how cold it is in there.

Anyway enough of my ramblings… TTFN.

#CancerSucks Update

The first few weeks of being in the hospital were seeming like a breeze (well as much as fighting for your life can feel like a breeze, I guess). But then SMACK all of the sudden it got rough real quick.

I’ve had some issues since I’ve arrived. My heart rate goes really high whenever I get up. They weren’t that worried about it because it’s pretty asymptomatic. I don’t get dizzy or light-headed but sometimes I can feel it racing and showering can be difficult but for the most part, I don’t feel any different. I just am hooked up to a Telly Box (I call it my Telly Tubby) that monitors my heart rate. And all the nurses come running in when I brush my teeth because I can go up to 190. Even though it doesn’t affect me, I’d still like to know why it’s going up so high. I’ve had approximately 1 million EKGs, but they’re all laying down so it’s normal. So after 3 weeks of the doctors just guessing what it could be, the nurses started to push back and that’s when I was like oh maybe I should care more about this too. They thought it was my PICC line tickling my heart so they pulled it out a bit. It didn’t work. Then they pulled it out a little further and it actually went down! For like an hour. Major bummer moment. So then a couple days later the completely removed the PICC and it did nothing. At least they tried something but it wasn’t the answer. Then I had to get labs drawn for a few days without my PICC which sucks because I’m a baby with needles and have tiny veins. But it’s back in now.

So back to square one. My doctors said they’d be in touch with the cardiologists and I was like that’s fine but they haven’t seen me. So the nurses started recording every time my heart rate when up, which was every time I stand. I’d had all the heart tests before starting chemo so they knew my heart was ok it just has this abnormal heart rate. I think because the nurses were now so involved I was more conscious of it and I could start feeling my heart rate rise. One night I was eating dinner, seated, and the nurse ran in saying it was high. I wasn’t even up! So I had a full-on panic attack. They had just told me I was going home this week and they hadn’t done anything for my HR! I couldn’t breathe or settle and then they brought in an x-ray, another EKG, and surprise surprise – a cardiologist. I should have done this weeks ago. They still don’t really know what’s happening. Could be the anemia combined with treatment or maybe I’ve lived with this without knowing. But they started me on a medication that’s supposedly going to help regulate it. But they’re still not that worried about it. So I’m not going to either. It’s just scary not knowing why. Can’t wait to get rid of this telly box though. I slept on it the other day and now I have a pain in my back. Salt in the wound.

been hookd up to this dude for way too long (my telly tubby)

Then I had probably the worst night of my life last week. My legs have been hurting. I think it’s a combination of being in bed so much (I feel restricted because of the HR issue) so I haven’t been moving as much as I probably should plus my counts are going up quickly and sometimes you’ll feel that in your bones(?) – I forget what the doctor said. Anyway, one night I woke up in EXCRUCIATING pain in my knees. It felt like a crazy stabbing pain in both my knees out of nowhere. Thank goodness my nurses were sweet baby angels that night. I was clenching the side of my bed and a full face of tears and they did all they could to alleviate my pain. They gave me a pain killer that didn’t work so we had to wait for a couple of hours before they could try something else. We also did an ultrasound, labs, and an X-ray and everything looked normal so it was yet another mystery. They finally were able to give me some fentanyl which was fast-acting but also wears off quickly so it was painful off and on all night. It was horrible. I didn’t sleep a wink. The next night it only hurt when I got up but was ok when I laid back down. It’s been ok since. Just more sore than anything. I just feel so weak. It’s weird to be so strong one day and then completely unable to walk to the bathroom on your own the next.

My tingly fingers have turned into numb hands. It’s all the way down my palms now. It’s really hard to type and use my phone (so ya’ll better appreciate this post LOL).

I have to get a shot in my belly every morning (see above comment about being a baby with needles) which SUCKS. It looks like I have a ton of freckles around my piko, but they’re baby bruises from the injections.

Ok enough of the bad shit, GOOD NEWS! I’m going home tomorrow (or Thursday) depending on how tomorrow goes. I have a bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture and have to lay in bed for an hour and then can maybe go home! Which is funny because I’m moving this weekend and my house isn’t ready. They originally told me I’d be going home next Wednesday so I was not prepared. I’m trading in my beautiful mansion with a pool, a panoramic view of the ocean, and a house full of homies for a little beach cottage with a small view of the ocean. 

With COVID still happening I’m going to have to live in a bubble for a while so I can’t go back to my house so I’m staying with a family friend who has a gorgeous house on the cliffs at the beach for a few days. They’ve been quarantining and it’ll be a peaceful oasis for me to rest while my loved ones pack up and move all my stuff for me. How lucky am I?

I can’t wait to get out of this bed and hospital and eat allll the foods and maybe get some actual sleep one of these nights.

My body is responding well to treatment and my counts are coming up nicely. I’m hoping this is a good indicator of how the rest of treatment will go. Prayers for that would be appreciated – mahalos. They want me in the clinic ASAP for phase two. I’m still not sure what that looks like but here we go.

Prednisone CRAVINGS

I’m on a steroid that is doing weird things to my body. I’m actually losing a lot of weight here in the hospital. Best diet I’ve ever been on.

I gained a bit of weight last year so I tried a diet in November that my friend and mom both had huge success with but my body did not react whatsoever. The nutritionist was baffled that I had ZERO results. It’s all starting to make sense if the cancer was already in my body at that point it might have been throwing everything off. ANYWAY I’m losing weight. Yay. If only I could choose where the weight was coming from (RIP tatas and booty 😭).

And thank goodness because this steroid is making me SO HUNGRY. I can’t stop thinking about food. I’ll be mid-conversation with my mum and be like “omg I want stir fry.” Or when I can’t sleep at 4 am, I glance at Pinterest and I swear it just shows me endless images of gigantic platters of french fries, tater tots, curly fries, crinkle-cut fries and alllll the dips. It’s pure torture.

I’ll be mid breakfast and start getting sad that I’ll have to wait a few hours til lunch. That’s how bad it is. Usually, people gain weight on prednisone so I’m counting my lucky stars (for now) and will keep eating that carrot cake with dinner. Let’s hope it doesn’t all catch up with me soon. My face is starting to swell like a chipmunk a little but the doc said it’ll go back down once I stop such a high dose in a few weeks.

But the craziest part is I’m craving things that I don’t even eat!

It doesn’t help that all the commercials on cable in here are of fast food restaurants. I’m craving a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s! WTF I haven’t eaten meat since 2007!

I’m making a list of places I want to eat as soon as I’m released from the hospital. I want a mahi burrito from Rubios, a veggie burrito from Lourdes in Cardiff, yellow curry and veggie spring rolls from Bangkok Bay. I would love a poke bowl but guess I can’t eat raw fish for a while… But once I can, you bet your butt I’ll be booking a flight to Oahu for a spicy ahi donburi bowl from Sushiya. (UPDATE) I just received some bad news that our favorite couple who owned my old neighborhood sushi spot sold it to their nephew 😭. I hope Mr. Sushiya (in his plaid shorts and pink polo) is enjoying retirement. I guess Station Sushi will do. Much closer. Still nommy.

I’m even considering a cheeseburger! Who knows, maybe I won’t be a pescatarian after all this. LOL!

The two things I miss most about not eating meat are hotdogs (yuck I know) and meatball subs from Subway (mind you, I was a teenager when I stopped eating meat). So kudos to my Troll homies for guessing these are also part of my cravings.

So if you’ve noticed me “loving” all your delicious food insta stories you now know why. This girl is drooling over your meals.

Yesterday room service brought me a bag of kettle chips but it must have been the bottom of the bag because it was all crumbs. So I added it to some left over Italian dressing and ate it with a spoon. This is my life now. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Just for fun let’s make a list of more yum yums I could go for:

– #2 Pinto Bean with a side of ranch from Taco Time (duh)

– PV (double duh)

– A giant bowl of pasta from this tiny Italian place I ate at in Venice once… this might be a little harder to access but hey this is my dream list, give me a break.

Tatsu Ramen – (ugh note-to-self: still need to find a good ramen place in San Diego)

Tim’s Cascade Jalapeño Chips

– The pineapple fried rice I made for my “Roomie Easter” this year

Papa Johns Cheese Pizza

Trader Joe’s goodies – all these Tik Tok TJ recs should be banned because they’re making me drool

Easy Mac lol

– Popcorn with jalapeños from a movie theater

This is the culprit 👿

Tootles Mermaid Hair

I have the most beautiful hair. People compliment it all the time. I don’t dye it, dry it, or use any special products. It’s just au natural. I always considered it my best asset. I liked to hide my body insecurity underneath it as well. In the back of my mind I always worried that if I was diagnosed with cancer that I wouldn’t know how to manage without my hair.

My first few thoughts after finding out I have leukemia was 1. my life’s about to change significantly 2. how’s this going to affect my fertility? (that’ll be a post for another day, perhaps) and 3. bye bye beautiful hair.

At first I thought I’d donate it since I didn’t want it to go to waste but then people kept saying why don’t you make a wig for yourself? I’d need to buy one anyway, why not use my own hair? Duh.

So I cut it off.

I had no idea that when I went to the doctor on that Monday that I’d be spending the next however many weeks in a hospital so I was so unprepared. I didn’t have a brush so I hadn’t brushed my hair in days. It was a complete mess. But I wanted to get it cut off while it was still healthy. I had to put it into a million ponies after a full day of brushing out dreadlocks. And then a sweet nurse cut each pony off and placed it into a bag one by one. Then she buzzed the rest and then BOOM I’m bald!

I thought I’d be more emotional but I didn’t cry or anything. I just sat there and chit chatted with the nurse about her kids and then it was over.

Some days I sit here and think how am I doing all this? I just take it one day at a time. That’s how it was with cutting my hair off. I just did it. I remember a therapy session once when I was going through a rough patch I told my therapist I was having a hard time doing things I used to like to do and then one day I just got up and went for a hike, or went to church, or met a friend for coffee and she asked how I was able to do it and I said “I dont know, I just did”. I don’t really have an explanation for how I’m dealing with all this. I just do it. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

Ok I lied, I had a little emo moment in all of this. I was concerned that my BFF Amelia’s daughter wouldn’t recognize me without my hair so I FaceTimed her before I cut my hair off and then a few days after to show her the difference. She was a little standoffish but she was eating dinner and she’s 2. In my mind, she just didn’t know who she was talking to. Amelia texted me the next morning and said she asked Alana when she was putting her to bed, “Did you get to talk to Auntie EE on FaceTime today?” and Alana replied, “Yes, EE wearing green shirt”. Which instantly made my heart melt because my (awful) hospital gown is green. She recognized me.

We found a wonderful local place to make my wig. It’s a little on the expensive side but it’s worth it to help me feel a little more like myself. Plus my sweet grandma wanted to do something to help so she’s covering it. Which makes it a little more special.

Amelia picked up my precious cargo yesterday from the hospital along with a wave from the “waving bridge” and dropped it off at the salon. They weighed my hair at 8.5oz! I’ll have a gorgeous wig of my own hair in about 12 weeks.

Until then I’m rocking this bald head!


My hair hasn’t started falling out yet so it’s actually growing in a little. I feel a bit like a Chia Pet at the moment. It’s fuzzy and fun to pet.

When I get released from the hospital, I may whip out some pink wigs from Halloween and plan to accessorize with bright lipsticks and funky earrings so stay tuned for some epic looks.