Cancerversary – 3 Years Fighting Leukemia

Three years ago, I began on the fight of my life. Today, I’m beyond proud to claim that I’ve won! 

I freaking BEAT cancer. I completed chemo in October. I am still recovering from 2 and a half years of treatment and unfortunately broke my ankle and foot in January. Just another setback. But broken bones heal, and I can do hard things. And it’s nothing in comparison to what I’ve dealt with. Just annoying af. 

But as you can see, I am thriving! I feel so much better. My hair has grown out. I moved into a cozy apartment that feels like home. I see the doctor less and less and I get stronger every day. 

The day the doctor said I had cancer feels like a lifetime ago and the journey I took to get here was one I wouldn’t wish on anyone but I’m here to say it’s possible.

You all gave me the strength to fight through and keep going on the darkest days. I can’t thank ya’ll enough for being my support system.   

The highlights from the last year fighting leukemia are my No Mo Chemo party, my bell ringing day and the trip to Paris with my girlfriends. It’s insane to think that the worst thing that ever happened to me also gave me the best days of my life. 

#cancersurvivor #cancerversary #icandohardthings

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