Anotha Winter Solstice Mood

I hosted a little “Favorite Things” party (highly recommend) with my girlfriends last night and we ended up diving into an astrology book about our birthdays and it was spot on! We also whipped out some “Friends” themed tarot cards and examined our past, present and future. I’m starting to think about my resolutions for 2023. With all that said, I recognize that milestones and days hold meaning, if you allow them. Today is the winter solstice. According to Google, it’s a perfect time to set intentions for the seasons ahead.

I’m just beyond ecstatic the days will get longer from here on out. Someone at my book club last week told me that the next time we turn the clocks forward they’ll never change again. Ever. Is that true? If so, hell freaking ya. 

Christmas is this Sunday and it’s going to be almost 80 degrees so I really can’t complain about “winter”. 

3 things I’m grateful for during this time of year: 

  1. Getting to wear cute coats and boots 
  2. Seasonal holiday drinks at Starbucks
  3. Cozy time with family and friends 

I did a winter solstice mood board two years ago on the blog. I just read it and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I have a lot of updates to share now that treatment is officially over, and I promise I will soon, in a separate post.

I encourage you write down a winter gratitude list and start thinking about what you’ll want to accomplish in 2023. I have big plans and will share a little on that in January.

Happy Holidays ya’ll. -K

*None of the photos in the mood board collage are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.

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