Tyrone Wells Changed My Life

Tyrone Wells just did an Instagram Live tonight to try and bring people together during this crazy time. His music has been the soundtrack to my life; has brought me joy on sad days, smiles on good days and everything in between.

Listening to him sing tonight brought a flood of emotions and allowed me to reflect on a time I’ve tried to block out of my memory.

One of my best friends, Caroline, introduced me to Tyrone Wells’ music when we were 15 years old when he came to play at her high school. Living in a major music city, we often went to his shows around town at Neumos, Chop Suey and other small music venues in Seattle. 

Then I went to Hawaii for college and his wife was from the islands so they would do small shows during the holidays for friends and family and it was like a little treat from home. I would listen to his music on repeat. I’ve even had the same alarm clock song for years. I wake up every morning to the lyrics…”You Make the World a Beautiful Place to Be.” 

After I graduated, I got into a really unhealthy relationship with someone that took advantage of a young, naive, lost girl. I was a strong independent woman but this man found me when I was at my weakest and manipulated me in a way that I no longer knew who I was. Over about 9 months, I lost my voice and identity, was cut off from my friends and family and was stuck in a really low place. It was an extremely emotionally abusive relationship. Deep down I knew I deserved better but I somehow got to a point where I didn’t know how to get out. I pushed my family away when they tried to help. I had friends that came to visit that didn’t even recognize me. I tried to leave him several times but was always lured back in. I won’t go into details but it was a terrible time in my life.

One day I was talking to Caroline on the phone and she had just come to Oahu for a visit and I only got to see her for a little bit because my boyfriend would accuse me of doing something inappropriate if I didn’t check in and return home as quick as possible. She was bummed we didn’t get to hang out much while she was in town and was telling me that Tyrone Wells was filming a music video in Venice Beach the next day and was looking for extras and that she wished I could fly there to go with her. I then hung up with her and immediately got in a fight with my boyfriend about something ridiculous. I called my mom crying and told her about my conversation with Caroline. Her and my relationship was pretty strained at this point because I was cutting everyone off. But she called me back about 5 minutes later and said to pack my bags because I was on the next flight to LA. So I tweeted Tyrone telling him I was flying all the way from Hawaii to be in the video and at the shoot the next day he goes “Ok, so who flew here from Hawaii?” and I said, “I did! I got in a fight with my boyfriend and hopped on a flight” and he was like that’s rad and put me at the front of the group. It was such a fun day. I turned my phone off so my boyfriend couldn’t ruin my time. Then over the next few days Caroline had a serious talk with me about how I wasn’t the Keili she knew and loved and that I needed to get out of that relationship. She even told me I could live on her couch if it meant I left him. So I went back to Hawaii a few days later, packed up my stuff and moved to California. 

Please excuse my horrible outfit choice. Remember, I packed in 10 minutes.

I would not have made it through that time in my life if it hadn’t been for my amazing mother, my sweet Caroline and Tyrone Wells. 

About a year later, Caroline and I went to see Tyrone at the Roxy in LA and we waited around after the show to say hi. We introduced ourselves and he was like “Oh is your name Hawaiian?” and I said “Yes, I’m actually that girl who flew from Hawaii to be in the music video” and he goes “Oh yeah, what happened to the boyfriend?” And I said, “I dumped him” and he said “Great!”.  It felt like one of those full circle moments.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him live but I still get chills every single time. His music got me through one of the hardest times in my life. I truly couldn’t thank him enough ( & Mum and Caroline).

Go check out his music. We’re all feeling uneasy during this time and trust me, his music will soothe your soul. 

Girls Weekend in Idyllwild

It was one of my girlfriends birthday’s and we wanted to get away for a few days so 8 girls piled into cars and drove a windy road up to Idyllwild, a little mountain town about 2 hours from San Diego and LA.

Our first stop was The Town Baker, an adorable café with a delicious breakfast burrito. I heard they have amazing pastries too. It was nice to sit out back in the sun while I waited for my carsickness to subside.

Our main activity for the trip was hiking to Suicide Rock. About 10 minutes in to the 7 mile hike I had a small kine panic attack. I think it was a combination of the carsickness, the altitude, the fact that I’m super out of shape and the cookie my friend fed me, but however I ended up feeling that way, it was horrible. But I wanted to keep going. It was a STRUGGLE. I felt horrible slowing everyone down. It was a rough climb, but we played fun games and swapped funny stories and slowly made it to the top.

It felt so good to reach the top. We popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate my friend’s birthday and took in the breathtaking views. And then ran down the mountain.

We all felt kind of dead afterwards but we checked into our Airbnb, ate a ton of chips and did hydrating face masks. We went to dinner at Ferro, an Italian restaurant in town. I didn’t take any photos because we were starving and enjoying our time together.

We ate breakfast at The Red Kettle in town the next morning and then walked around town. We wanted to meet Mayor Max, who is a golden retriever but he wasn’t going to be in town til the afternoon.  The town is so cute and I’d love to go back, when it’s not so cold and I’ll take some Dramamine for the ride up.

New Year. New Yikes.

I know I’ve been horrible about actually posting… I got hired at a really great company shortly after I decided to launch Trips and Salsa. It’s one of my New Years resolutions to post more frequently.

2019 was an interesting year to say the least. I had many major life changes, my patience was tested, I had to step out of my comfort zone a few times, went to Hawaii a lot, developed meaningful relationships and I’m ending my year on a high note. I am excited to be entering a new decade. 

Here are some of the highlights from 2019:

– Euro Trip with Amelia. What’s better than an epic Europe trip with your bestie?

– My awesome beach mansion with even more awesome roomies. I lucked out big time. I got instant friends whom I actually enjoy being around. We are more than roomies, we’re friends. And that’s rare. One of these days I’m going to write a blog post about funny/horrifying roommate stories.

– Getting to spend so much time with my family. Since I kept taking and quitting jobs this year, I had a lot of spare time to travel to Hawaii. Also my parents are moving to San Diego and I couldn’t be more excited!

– My BFF from childhood got married and I did a lot of wedding crap (and spent all my money lol). But it was so special to be included in her big day and I got to hang out with my childhood friends a lot throughout the year.

– My new job. Finally found the right one. It checks off all the boxes on the list I made at the beginning of the year of what I wanted in my next position. It was a long journey to get here but worth it.

I love making new years resolutions. In the past I’ve been pretty good about following through, probably because they’re never about fitness. One year I wanted to floss. The next year was to drink more water. One year I wrote and mailed out birthday cards to my friends and family. Another, I wanted to get my teeth fixed. But this year I have a million:

– Be more creative. Do more art. Actually blog.

– Save money.

– Waste less. Be more eco conscious.

– Date.

– Be nicer.

– Be more assertive.

– Worry less.

– Adventure as much as possible.

– Lose 500 lbs. (jk. Sort of)

Alright, 2019 was interesting. Bring it on 2020. 

Beach Playlist – HAWAII

As the weather starts to cool down… for some of us (it’s 90 degrees today in San Diego), we often find ourselves daydreaming about warmer days. I created the perfect playlist to instantly bring you to a beach in your mind.

Ziggy’s song is an obvious one but I still bump it.

“Falling” by Iration instantly brings me back to sophomore year of college when I was spending a lot of time in Waikiki with my group of friends. I can almost taste the Four Lokos. But seriously it’s a great feel good song. I recently saw them in concert at the Del Mar Races and it was just as good live.

“Wade in Your Water” by Common Kings is the perfect song for cruising up to the North Shore. I heard they opened up for Bruno Mars when he was in Hawaii and it was an amazing show. I’ll have to catch them sometime soon.

“Higher Than the Clouds” by Anuhea is MY JAM. This girl is so talented and I remember seeing her play at The Shack (RIP) in Waikiki 10 years ago and thinking this girl is going places. She just released the sweetest version of “True Colors” in Hawaiian for the Lullaby album with a bunch of Hawaiian artists (check it out for your keiki) but I didn’t put it on this list because it’s not very “beach vibey”. “Higher Than the Clouds” is my favorite song of hers.

Last time I was home my mom and I went to the Pure Aloha Fest to see Anuhea perform and then this guy was on after her and we instantly fell in love. Spawnbreezie was so fun live and makes for great beach tunes. My mom’s coworkers are impressed she listens to him too when she puts him on their office radio.

The Green is the best Hawaiian band out there. They have a ton of great songs but “Come In” is one of my faves. Rebelution and SOJA also bring me back to college days. I have some funny stories regarding these bands but I’ll save that for another post. Maybe.

J-Boog, Fiji and Kolohe Kai are also goodies. Check out all their music not just the ones I suggested.

Have fun at the beach! Or at least go there in your mind with these tunes.

Red Rock Canyon

Amelia and I are always on the look out for cool adventures to do near us. We scour Pinterest for ideas and often times get discouraged because it seems like we’ve done all the cool things in Southern California, which clearly isn’t true but we still have a hard time finding new places to explore. So I was stoked when she presented me with this one.

Disclaimer: I also have a hard time sharing locations of cool places because I hate when secret spots are no longer secret. I remember when we would to go Lanikai Beach on Oahu and there would only be a few other people there and then it was put in all the magazines are top 10 best beaches in the world and then it was jam packed with tourists at all times. But if places weren’t geotagged, I wouldn’t know where they were either. So you’re welcome, 4 followers of mine.

The hike was super easy to get to. It’s the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Lake Forest next to a Ralphs. You have to pay $3 to park and the entrance is easy to locate.

I just read that there’s a lot of mountain lion attacks on this hike so maybe don’t go, or at least be on the look out. Haha I wish I would have known that before we went but oh well. The hike itself was mellow. It was pretty flat without a lot of incline BUT there were a million mountain bikers which made it difficult to hike because we kept having to pull over to let them by.

The total hike was about 4.2 miles and took almost two hours (depending on how much time you spend in the canyon). We heard that it was a good spot for sunset and we arrived to the canyon a little before sunset but I was worried about daylight because it took us a little longer to hike in that I had expected.

The hike looked pretty basic brown dirt and unexciting dying brush and trees and we were wondering how on earth a canyon that looks like Utah or Arizona would just appear but it did! Look how EPIC!

We started hiking out and it was getting dark fast. Bats started flying around our heads. I kid you not. And then we heard creepy sounds and it truly felt like a Halloween Hike. The last 15 minutes we were hiking in the dark which made it even spookier. We used our phone flashlights and made it out. So I don’t really recommend it for sunset unless you have flashlights and enjoy night hiking. For three girls and a baby, it was a little much.

The best part of making it out alive was that there’s a McDonalds across the street! I crave orange soda after I break a sweat so this was a win for me.

A day on Oahu with Paco

A couple weeks ago, I flew out to Oahu to celebrate my Auntie and Uncles 50th wedding anniversary a few days early so I could see my friend before my family arrived. Paco was one of my best friends in college and then he moved to Maui so I spent a lot of time with him whenever I visited my parents.

We had no plans but just a desire to adventure. Here’s what our day entailed:

Leonards – Paco was sleeping in and I was up early on West Coast time so I walked to Leonards to get malasadas. This place has really changed since I lived on Oahu. They have merch, a variety of menu items and they take cards now!

On the road – We stopped at Starbucks in Hawaii Kai and luckily didn’t run into my ex that lives there. I’m always afraid of running into exes when I’m on the island… last time Paco and I saw a different ex at a bar and it was frightening. Well he looked all cracked out and I did a silent hallelujah I dodged that bullet.

My favorite route – The drive from Hawaii Kai to the east side is so beautiful because you’re driving along the cliffs on the ocean and it feels like you’re on the edge of the world.

From here to eternity

First stop – Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens. I saw that image that all bloggers post from this place on the road with the mountains in the background but I also did research and saw that getting out of the car is prohibited and the guards yell at those trying to take this photo so I was discouraged from visiting. Paco saw the sign and turned in last minute anyway. We saw the road that everyone takes a photo at and also saw all the little cones along the side of the road keeping anyone from stopping BUT we kept driving and this place is GORGEOUS! It was giving me all the Jurassic Park vibes without paying an arm and a leg at Kualoa Ranch.

you are allowed to get out of the car further into the garden

Beach Break – We kept driving up and stopped at Kualoa Beach to this spot Paco knew about. It was deserted and beautiful and I want to come back and camp here. I also biffed it so hard. Note to self: trees in the ocean are slippery. My gnarly bruise on my arm looked like the island of Maui though so there’s that.

the tree i fell off

Lunch – We wanted to make it to Pupukea Grill for lunch for the BEST POKE but we were so hungry that we just pulled into a 711 and got sushi rolls and canned coffee instead. Typical.

Another Beach – We stopped at Pounders in Laie. We were sitting in the sand and I said, “Ok, I’m ready to see some wildlife… like a shark or a zebra or something” and then a turtle swam by! I totally manifested that! I’m also pretty sure my ʻaumakua is a turtle.

My Favorite Beach – We finally made it to the North Shore and stopped at my favorite beach Ke Iki’s. It was HUGE and empty. Just how I like it.

Long Drive Back – Paco and I drove the long road back to town with the best destination in sight…

Dinner – SUSHIYA!!!!! My favorite restaurant in the world. I crave a spicy ahi donburi all. the. time. (We went back for lunch the next day too).

Sunset – We decided to watch the sunset at Kaimanas with all the keiki lol.

I’d say it was a pretty epic day for just going with the flow. But that always happens when Paco and I cruise.

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Mexico

Every time I break up with a boyfriend, Amelia and I go on a trip. It’s great. She’s like break with more dudes so we can go on more trips. This particular breakup we ended up in Cabo. I love going to Mexico. The tacos, the tequila, the whale slide at my timeshare. What more could you ask for?

We were in Cabo and we wanted to check out a few excursions so we talked to one of those kiosk guys in town and they told us some very exciting news: we could swim with whale sharks! I didn’t even know that was an option in Mexico. We couldn’t pass it up so the next day we loaded up in an SUV with two other groups, a family from Idaho and two girls from Mexico City and drove to La Paz. We boarded a boat and off we went.

These suckers were hard to capture on camera but look how beautiful

I pictured really deep water and chillin whale sharks that we could slowly snorkel next to, but no way jose this was not the experience whatsoever. We take the boat out and our guide stands at the front looking out for dark shadows. When he sees one we throw on our mask and fins, the boat speeds up and we all jump off and swim as fast as we can. The first time I jumped out of that boat was TERRIFYING. I didn’t know where the whale shark was or what it would do if it saw us. I just knew that we weren’t allowed to touch it and should swim next to it, not behind it. But what an incredible experience. Amelia and I quickly saw the beautiful creature and swam alongside it, trying to keep up. We looked back for our guide and he was gone and it was just me, Amelia and the whale shark. I thought maybe we should go back or stop because we didn’t know how long we were allowed to swim with it but we couldn’t stop because it was such a magical moment. Finally he out swam us and we headed back to the boat, where everyone else was. We learned that the two girls from Mexico City didn’t know how to swim so the guide had to take them back to the boat, that’s why he was MIA. Who signs up for an ocean excursion when you can’t swim? Haha whatever, more room for us.

We did this find the whale shark, jump out of the boat and swim for dear life routine about 4 more times but none of them compared to that first encounter. They are gentle creatures but they have two dorsal fins so it’s a little frightening. Not to mention they’re like 10 times our size. It’s up there on top 10 coolest things I’ve done in life so far.

On a natural high and stoked on life

The ride back was fun because we stopped in Todos Santos, the cutest little surf town. We drank margaritas at Hotel California, which our guide tried to convince us was the inspiration for the Eagles song, but I’ve since Googled it and that’s just folklore. But their margaritas are delicious and strong. The mom from Idaho had a few, which made for a hilarious ride back to Cabo. Drunk moms are the best. (If you’re somehow reading this, email me! Amelia and I miss you and want to be pen pals!) We also met up with our friends from Mexico City at the club later that night. They didn’t speak English and we don’t speak Spanish so we couldn’t understand each other but we had a blast dancing the night away.

Hotel California, Todos Santos

Here we go.

Yo yo yiggity yo.

2019 has been a weird year. I turned 30 last December and then… I broke up with my loser boyfriend, quit my job of almost 5 years, moved out of my beautiful rent controlled apartment in West Hollywood and moved to San Diego. Since then I’ve traveled to Europe, went to Hawaii, started a new job, quit said job, went back to Hawaii, started another new job, quit that job, traveled back to Hawaii and here we are now! Super lost and broke… guess it’s time to start a blog.

I’d always wanted to start some sort of blog but was afraid that I didn’t have enough to say or that people wouldn’t be interested in my opinions or thoughts. During this strange transition year I’ve adapted more of an “ef it” mentality. Who cares? I’m going to do this for me. And I think I’m pretty groovy.

Follow along for my adventures, crazy stories, random DIY attempts, creative nonsense and more!

And please be kind.

Insane 10 Day Eurotrip Itinerary – Part I

Earlier this year my best friend Amelia and I found cheap (I’m talking less than $300) flights to Europe and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I’d already been to Barcelona but it was the cheapest city to fly into, and Amelia hadn’t been yet so we decided to just do a quick stop in Barcelona before heading off to see more of Europe. We did 4 cities in 10 days. Let me repeat that. FOUR cities in TEN days! I figured I’d highlight some of the mentionable moments and tips for those crazy enough to attempt such a trip.


We landed in Barcelona late at night and found our way to our Airbnb, which had approximately 3 million stairs to our flat. However it was adorable with a little terrace looking over the alleyway and the sweetest Airbnb host to give us a rundown of the flat and things to do in Barcelona, along with the yummiest tomato chips. We were exhausted and starving after our 11-hour flight and right outside our door was a little restaurant called Casa Lolea. Boy did we luck out by stumbling on this place because it honestly had the BEST sangria I’ve ever had. We wanted to order what the locals would so the server suggested the Catalan Tomato Bread (pan con tomate). You cut a tomato in half and then rub it on a slice of bread and then drizzle with olive oil. It was good but not as good as the sangria. We tried to go back the next night but they only had a few tables and didn’t have room for us.


The next day was a doozy. We started with the Runner Bean free walking tour of the Gothic Quarter. I highly recommend free walking tours in any city you’re visiting. First of all, they’re free! Well you just tip them what you think they deserve. They give you a great overview of the city you’re in, share the history and fun secrets and you get to meet other people traveling as well. We started in Placa Reial just off La Rambla. Look how adorable.

We took a stroll through the Gothic Quarter and learned a lot about the history of the city and the reason for the difference in city structure and culture. I loved the gargoyles atop some of the buildings. We saw the roman columns, walked under the cool bridge and were exposed to some of the aftermath of war. 10 out of 10 would recommend. I had done the Gaudi walking tour on a different trip and would also recommend that. We saw Gaudi on our own on this trip.

So after the free walking tour we did some more walking. The taxis were on strike blocking off a road in the middle of the city while we were there so we had no other choice but to WALK everywhere. So we walked to Sagrada Familia which is grand and beautiful but also very crowded with tourists and under construction. I wonder if it’ll ever be finished. And then we tried to take an uber but after getting canceled on 3 times by the only 3 ubers in the city we just started walking to Park Güell, which is uphill at the top of the city. Park Güell is this beautifully weird park that Catalan artist/architect Antoni Gaudi built. Its my kind of funky weird art park. It’s a MUST SEE if you’re in Barcelona.

Park Güell
Casa Batlló

By this point our feet were so tired we finally attempted to figure out the bus. Which was super easy after I downloaded an app and we should have done it 20,000 steps earlier. We made it back to our flat and yelped the nearest restaurant to get paella. I won’t let you know which one it was because we were SUPER not impressed with the food or sangria so I would not recommend. This is when we tried to go back to Casa Lolea for more sangria but they were so packed we couldn’t fit.

the BEST sangria

The last day in Barcelona we only had a half-day so we decided to check out the Picasso Museum. Which was surprisingly interesting. I mean, Picasso is world famous but most of the museum was his art before his strange shape people paintings. Who knew he was good at all types of painting? I especially loved the pigeon paintings – look them up. Unfortunately photography is prohibited in the museum so I have nothing to show for our visit but trust me and check it out.  Up next… BUDAPEST.

Insane 10 Day Eurotrip Itinerary – Part II


our hidden treasure chest

We arrived in Budapest pretty late so we headed straight to our Airbnb which looked super sketchy from the lobby but the flat itself was adorable! We searched for the closest restaurant and there happened to be one directly below our flat, named Puder. It was DELCIOUS. Amelia ordered a pork dish which she claims was top 5 best meals of her life and I got pasta (even though we were headed to Italy shortly) and I’m glad I did because it was divine. We also ordered “nachos” which happened to be Doritos with cheese wiz dipping sauce. We just laughed. We also ordered mulled wine which tasted like the holidays and warmed up our insides.

Magical view from our flat.
Puder – notice the “nachos”

We were blocks away from the Central Market so we decided to check that out first since it was on all the lists of places to visit. It was in this huge building with an adorable Hungarian roof. I think the market is way more packed during warmer months but it was nice to walk around and see all the paprika, trinkets and more paprika. We went across the street for breakfast at a little café called Ambers. Ambers had the BEST croissants I’ve ever had in my life. So much that we came back the next day for more.


Right in front of Ambers was a Hop On Hop Off stop so we bought bus passes. This was the best purchase because it covers two days and you get to see all the touristy spots without paying for taxis and can go at your own pace (note: there are no ubers in Budapest). The first day we did the whole route and mapped out where we wanted to hop off and what we wanted to save for the second day. Our highlights from that day were Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, the castle, the Parliament building and the shoes on the river. It was snowing while we were visiting so walking around Fishermans Bastion felt like we had stepped into a fairy tale. We also were freezing our butts off. I put my hand warmers in my boots so my toes wouldn’t fall off.

Fishermans Bastion

We stopped around Fashion Street and tried chimney cakes, which were like big round churros. Nom. Our bus pass also came with a boat tour so we ran to the river to catch the last boat of the night. We didn’t really know what to expect but our bus price was worth just this boat ride. We were on a large boat with only about 15 other people. Most of the other patrons stayed downstairs because it was enclosed and it was freezing but Amelia and I took our glasses of champs and roughed the cold to experience the most epic view of the Parliament Building lit up at night. It was exquisite. And just as we were passing the Parliament Building the George Ezra song Budapest came on and it was truly magical. This was the moment I fell in love with Budapest. We didn’t really know much about Budapest before we visited and kind of randomly chose it as one of our destinations but it was by far our favorite stop on our insane 10 day tour.

The next day was our “spa day” at Szechenyi, the most famous thermal bath in the City of Baths. It was quite an experience. I’m glad we checked it out. It was pretty expensive and weird. If you’re going I recommend bringing your own towel and shoes because they’ll charge you an arm and a leg to rent some and they’re required. You’ll have to pay your entrance fee and a fee to rent a locker and they were out of lockers by the time we got there so we had to rent a whole cabin. There are SEVERAL indoor baths that look like regular swimming pools and some that are fancy but the big attraction is the outdoor bath, which looks like you’re taking a bath with a thousand strangers in a castle. It was below freezing while we were there so putting your towel on a rack and running to the bath was quite the experience but the baths were warm and supposedly have lots of natural healing qualities or something. I don’t know. We just went for the gram. We did see a group of older gentlemen playing chess in the bath and Amelia says “omgosh look, water chess nuts” lol!

Rub a dub dub…500 people in a tub.

After the baths we hopped on our bus and wanted to check out New York Café because it’s on all the lists of things to see and do in Budapest. So we walked in, saw how beautiful and fancy it was and saw the prices and the long wait to get a table and walked out. Well, at least we saw it. Then we went to this little pub across the street and had another AMAZING meal. Seriously, Hungary has incredible food. Our waiter brought some pickled vegetables to eat along with our meals and those were almost the best part of the meal!

We wanted to check out some of the ruin pubs. Budapest has this whole district of bars in the old Jewish quarter that were created out of old run down buildings of which many were destroyed after World War II and had just been sitting since. Instead of demolishing them, they created funky bars and nightclubs. We stepped in to Mazel Tov, which was more of a restaurant than a bar but it was GORGEOUS. We also stopped by Instant, which was epic with a tree in the middle but it was really early in the evening so nobody was there so we moved on. We wanted to visit the most famous ruin bar, Szimpla Kert. They were having an art show in the downstairs area when we arrived. We grabbed a few beers and checked out the art and the funky building. This bar was HUGE! Every room was extremely different but so funky and fun! We’re talking baby doll heads on top of bowling pins, weird. We settled in a cute nook of a room upstairs and decided that we had one last Hungarian tradition we need to try before we left; shots of Unicum and Palinka. Everyone said we HAD to try it. We asked the bartender what flavor she recommended and said something disgusting like bubble gum so we certainly didn’t order that flavor. We went with something more mild like cherry but it was still disgusting. But we did it! When in Rome! Then we had a lovely drunk walk home with a stop for noodles. We learned that there’s a large Chinese population in Budapest because Hungary was the first European country to offer visa-free travel and easy immigration to the Chinese in the 80s and 90s, so there’s a lot of great Chinese food options in Budapest.

Szimpla Kert
adorable Airbnb

Tootles Budapest. Next stop… ITALY.