12 Pretty Pictures of Cabo

This is long overdue since I went on this trip 6 months ago.. but was still wanted to share. I love Cabo. The water, the culture, the shopping, the food. I love it all. 

This trip was a little bit of adventure and a lot of relaxing since in treatment and my body can only handle so much. The girlfriends I was traveling with had never gone swimming with whale sharks, and even though I had before I said it was something everyone should experience so I was down to go again. I’ve written about swimming with these majestic beasts before and it is not a graceful doggie paddle around kind of swim, it’s a wild jump off a boat and swim for your life type of situation. I only lasted a few jumps and could not keep up at all so thankfully on one of the jumps, the guide took my hand and pulled me alongside the whale shark as my own personal motor. 

Another thing I like to do is take a water taxi over to Divorce Beach and Lover’s Beach. It was whale season, so we just sat on shore and watched whales jump around. The whales were so active. My parents lived on Maui for several years so I’ve been around whales a lot but I’d never seen so many whales jump and splash around at the same time. It was incredible. 

I’d say 85% of the reason I LOVE Cabo is for the food. I could eat fish tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And pretty much did on this trip. The resort I stay at has an amazing taco bar but sometimes I venture off to other dining establishments. Some of my favorites are:

Mi Casa – The most colorful restaurant where you can watch them make tortillas.

Los Tres Gallos – Amazing cocktails, festive flags, live music, and delicious food. Reservations recommended. 

The Office – If you’re looking for a bachelorette dinner you need to come here. Also, a great place for people watching if you’re not on a bachelorette party. Def need a reservation. Just ignore the s word (snake) at the entrance. Ew. 

I’m drooling just writing this. And now I’m craving Mexican food. And a trip back to Cabo. 😉 

te amo cabo ❤

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