Prednisone CRAVINGS

I’m on a steroid that is doing weird things to my body. I’m actually losing a lot of weight here in the hospital. Best diet I’ve ever been on.

I gained a bit of weight last year so I tried a diet in November that my friend and mom both had huge success with but my body did not react whatsoever. The nutritionist was baffled that I had ZERO results. It’s all starting to make sense if the cancer was already in my body at that point it might have been throwing everything off. ANYWAY I’m losing weight. Yay. If only I could choose where the weight was coming from (RIP tatas and booty 😭).

And thank goodness because this steroid is making me SO HUNGRY. I can’t stop thinking about food. I’ll be mid-conversation with my mum and be like “omg I want stir fry.” Or when I can’t sleep at 4 am, I glance at Pinterest and I swear it just shows me endless images of gigantic platters of french fries, tater tots, curly fries, crinkle-cut fries and alllll the dips. It’s pure torture.

I’ll be mid breakfast and start getting sad that I’ll have to wait a few hours til lunch. That’s how bad it is. Usually, people gain weight on prednisone so I’m counting my lucky stars (for now) and will keep eating that carrot cake with dinner. Let’s hope it doesn’t all catch up with me soon. My face is starting to swell like a chipmunk a little but the doc said it’ll go back down once I stop such a high dose in a few weeks.

But the craziest part is I’m craving things that I don’t even eat!

It doesn’t help that all the commercials on cable in here are of fast food restaurants. I’m craving a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s! WTF I haven’t eaten meat since 2007!

I’m making a list of places I want to eat as soon as I’m released from the hospital. I want a mahi burrito from Rubios, a veggie burrito from Lourdes in Cardiff, yellow curry and veggie spring rolls from Bangkok Bay. I would love a poke bowl but guess I can’t eat raw fish for a while… But once I can, you bet your butt I’ll be booking a flight to Oahu for a spicy ahi donburi bowl from Sushiya. (UPDATE) I just received some bad news that our favorite couple who owned my old neighborhood sushi spot sold it to their nephew 😭. I hope Mr. Sushiya (in his plaid shorts and pink polo) is enjoying retirement. I guess Station Sushi will do. Much closer. Still nommy.

I’m even considering a cheeseburger! Who knows, maybe I won’t be a pescatarian after all this. LOL!

The two things I miss most about not eating meat are hotdogs (yuck I know) and meatball subs from Subway (mind you, I was a teenager when I stopped eating meat). So kudos to my Troll homies for guessing these are also part of my cravings.

So if you’ve noticed me “loving” all your delicious food insta stories you now know why. This girl is drooling over your meals.

Yesterday room service brought me a bag of kettle chips but it must have been the bottom of the bag because it was all crumbs. So I added it to some left over Italian dressing and ate it with a spoon. This is my life now. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Just for fun let’s make a list of more yum yums I could go for:

– #2 Pinto Bean with a side of ranch from Taco Time (duh)

– PV (double duh)

– A giant bowl of pasta from this tiny Italian place I ate at in Venice once… this might be a little harder to access but hey this is my dream list, give me a break.

Tatsu Ramen – (ugh note-to-self: still need to find a good ramen place in San Diego)

Tim’s Cascade Jalapeño Chips

– The pineapple fried rice I made for my “Roomie Easter” this year

Papa Johns Cheese Pizza

Trader Joe’s goodies – all these Tik Tok TJ recs should be banned because they’re making me drool

Easy Mac lol

– Popcorn with jalapeños from a movie theater

This is the culprit 👿

One thought on “Prednisone CRAVINGS

  1. I’ve been praying for you. I probably don’t remember me but its ok. You are an inspiration! I love your blog! Keep fighting. God is right there with you!! He’ll never let you go! Thanks for your amazing light!!


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