Insane 10 Day Eurotrip Itinerary – Part III


Venice canals

Our next destination was Venice, and what a perfect place to experience my first time in Italy. The town was so picturesque and straight out of a movie. We arrived in the early afternoon so the view from our top floor flat balcony was unbelievable.  I immediately started blasting That’s Amore. Our top priority was pizza. We walked to St. Marks Square and stumbled upon a cute pizza place. To my surprise, one of the items on the menu was pizza patatosa which sounded an awful lot like pizza with French fries so I clearly had to order it! And it was exactly that. And it was amazing. After dinner we found another little wine bar and had some delicious Chianti.

French fries on PIZZA!

Day two in Venice was the most colorful day of my life. We took a ferry to Burano, a little island where every building is painted a different bright color and it was truly a rainbow experience. We took the first ferry over so the island wasn’t crowded at all, and allowed us to sneak photos as if we were the only people on the island. We got more pizza for lunch because why not? We went for a walk with our pizza which was a horrible idea because the birds started to swarm. At one point we hid in a tiny alley because we were afraid for our lives. I could see the headlines now; “birds kill basic tourists because they insisted on photos with pizza and colorful houses”. But we got the shot. 🙂

That evening, back in Venice we yelped a restaurant close to our flat that looked decent. So we mapped it and upon arrival we realized the restaurant was no longer in business. We were pretty far from the main town center so we just wandered down sketchy alleyways until we found a place to eat. We stumbled upon this little place that only had about 5 tables but had two patrons so we figured we’d give it a shot. And thank goodness we did because it was DELICIOUS. I ordered the seafood pasta and Amelia had Carbonara. At one point, Amelia had gone to the restroom so I checked my phone and I had a DM from my friend Christina that saw on my story that we were in Venice and recommended a restaurant. I looked at the name of the restaurant and then the name on the menu and then laughed! She was recommending the restaurant we were in! Taverna Scalinetto is a must if you like good food and great wine. I showed the server because I needed someone to share in the moment and Amelia was in the restroom! She laughed with me. Good sport. After dinner we stocked up on Haribo gummy candies and watched Friends on our projector screen in our Airbnb.

After seeing some of the other sites, Rialto bridge, the leather shops, the gondolas it was off to our next destination; Florence!

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