Insane 10 Day Eurotrip Itinerary – Part IV


What a great city to end our crazy adventure in. Our Airbnb was RIGHT under the Duomo. CHECK. OUT. THIS. VIEW.

Insane view from our flat
Yes, I bought red boots for this picture.

Our top priorities upon arrival were pasta, wine and shopping. We found cute leather bags. It was really hard to choose which to buy because there are so many options and they’re all so affordable. Then we just wandered the city in awe.

The next day my parents had organized a private tour with a guide they had when they were in Florence last year. This woman was amazing. She had so much knowledge and passion that it was fun learning from her. She showed us incredible historic tid bits around town, even right in front of our Airbnb. She took us to Accademia Gallery to see David and gave us way more information than if we had gone on our own. Message me if you’d like her contact information and I’ll email you her info. She’s worth it!

hottie with a body

Below our flat was a wine bar that our guide had recommended so we ended the day with a wine tasting. We tried them all but loved the sparking wine the best!

Our last day we went to the Uffizi Gallery. I wanted to go to see Venus specifically but this museum is HUGE! You’ll need a least a half day to see everything. Then as some sort of magical send off, it started snowing! We danced in the snow on our balcony and took a moment to reflect on what a beautiful and insane 10 days it had been.

Our trip home was a bit stressful but we made it home and immediately wanted to start planning our next trip. Where should we go next?  

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